Speaking to yourself with Love: Transform your Self-Talk Book


Speaking to yourself with Love: Transform your Self-Talk Book


When you speak to yourself, do you use words of love and kindness? Or does your self-talk sound judgmental and cruel - bringing you down like a leak in a tire? 

Speaking to yourself with Love: Transform Your Self-Talk by Maryse Cardin is a roadmap to bringing more compassion, kindness and love into your life. Learn why self-talk is so important to our relationships - both at home and at work. Discover what a powerful force our self-talk is in charting the direction of our lives. Gain the skills you need to slow down and listen to your self talk and change your inner conversation.

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If you are ready to transform your inner conversation and change your life, this book is for you. 

Speaking to Yourself with Love: Transform Your Self-Talk is filled with personal stories of how Maryse changed her own inner speech. She went from being cruel and critical of herself to being kind, understanding, loving, and compassionate, and to standing by herself like a good friend does. 

Years ago, Maryse made a life-changing decision to stop self-bashing. She then embarked on years of studying self-talk, attending workshops, conducting university research and interviews, meditation, self-care, and work with top teachers and therapists, until she transformed her inner speech. 

She shares all her insights, secrets and the tools she developed for herself, and for her workshops and university classes. Her intention is to shed light on how to choose a different way to speak to yourself.

You'll learn:
•How to start speaking to yourself like a real best friend would. 
•How to give meaning to your own life with the words you choose to say to yourself
•How to speak the truth to yourself
•How to give yourself protection from your inner bully
•How to comfort yourself in times of need and hold your own hand
•Self-talk for healing and self-care
•Listen to your deepest most inner voice for wisdom and guidance