“For many years, how I spoke to others was so much more loving and patient than how I spoke to myself..." 

"While on the outside I was kind and warm, on the inside I constantly blamed myself for every mistake and criticized my every fault. I bullied myself. To deal with this barrage of self-abuse, I drowned out my inner voices with constant noise and distractions. If there were kind and loving voices inside I couldn’t even hear them. Meanwhile, nothing I had ever achieved on the outside changed how I felt inside.

But all of that changed when I learned positive and loving self-talk skills. I developed inner voices that spoke to me with kindness and acceptance, and protected me from the bully inside. I started hearing a voice inside that was wise and loving. I began to feel much more calm and joyful. Now I am able to forgive my mistakes and faults. Now, I give myself some of the love, friendship and support I had only given to others before. Now I take my own side. Speaking to myself with love transformed my life.”


Maryse Cardin is an award winning communications practitioner, university instructor and author who lives in Vancouver, Canada.