it’s possible to change your self talk.

I did it…so can you.

We all have an inner voice inside of us that’s stronger than the others.

It’s our default self talk, a kind of basic inner speech setting. For some, that voice is comforting, and filled with warmth, acceptance, and encouragement. Their mind and body benefit from this loving and positive self talk.

…but it’s an entirely different story for those of us filled with negative self talk.

Our inner critic is harsh. Our self talk can be cruel, unforgiving, relentlessly pushing us towards achievements and perfection. It can also be filled with messages of shame about who we are and the mistakes we think we have made.

For some, their self talk is so savage that it is unbearable to spend even a few moments without reaching for a distraction to drown it out. We all have our favourite distractions to make sure we don’t hear our negative self talk. It can be exhausting to battle, or ignore this voice.

There are many different reasons why your self talk sounds the way it does — none of which are your fault. It’s the way your brain is wired for now. And the wonderful news is that brains can change, and in fact, you can change.

If you want to change your inner speech, it is possible.

It’s in your power to transform your self talk.

We can learn how to stop ruminating over old stories, to stop telling ourselves messages that no longer serve our lives. We can stop putting ourselves down, telling ourselves that we’re not important and that we don’t matter. We can stop withholding self-forgiveness. We can stop negative self talk that is filled with ugly, cruel and debasing inner speech. And we can start telling ourselves who we want to be.

Loving and positive self talk is a choice you can make. Just like you choose how you will speak to a dear friend, you can choose to give yourself that kind of consideration, love, respect, and warmth. It’s a path that leads to better health, more wellbeing, inner calm, self-connection and self-love. This path is called Self Talk Love.

If you feel ready, the first thing to realize is that you are not your inner voice — you are simply the one who listens to it. In other words, you are a witness to it. You hear it like you would a radio playing in the background. You may not be paying attention to it all the time, but part of you still hears every word.

Just like you choose which radio station you listen to, you can choose which voice you want to have playing in your head.

If you think it doesn’t matter how you speak to yourself, think again.

You hear everything you say. Your well-being, your self-esteem, your stress levels, your ability to live your right life, even your physical health are linked to your inner speech. Change your self talk and change how every cell in your body responds.

Speaking to yourself with love and acceptance has nothing to do with pride or boosting your ego. Transforming your self talk is the opposite of selfishness. When you turn towards yourself with kindness, it’s a gift to you and all those you love. When loving and positive self talk helps you feel more peaceful and at ease inside, it radiates out to all those around you.

Curious about transforming your negative self talk to loving, positive self talk? I’m here to show you how - every step of the way. It is possible to choose different inner speech, to choose and another way to live, another way to be.

Self-Talk Love is not only about affirmations — though they certainly are a valuable part of it. It is about developing an inner speech where you stand by yourself, where you speak to yourself as a good friend would. It is about learning to have freedom from our inner critic. Self Talk Love is about self-warmth, and self-connection.

Self Talk Love is about strengthening the inner voices that you already have inside but may not be hearing now like…

  • An inner voice of courage

  • An inner voice of friendship

  • An inner voice of guidance

  • An inner voice of healing

  • An inner voice of levity and humour

Right now, these voices may only be whispers, but they can be made to speak to you with clarity and strength.

Open the door to positive self talk and more love, warmth and compassion with Self Talk Love.

Maryse is a university teacher and workshop leader who has created a collection of self talk tools making positive self talk skills easy to understand. Her self talk books include the Amazon best-sellers Speaking to Yourself with Love: Transform Your Self Talk and On Your Way to Motherhood, Self Talk Love for Fertility. She also teaches these skills in webinars, retreats and workshops such as Declutter Your Self Talk and Freedom from the Inner Critic. Maryse is also a popular speaker on many self talk topics.

Hello mom to be: Positive Self Talk for women facing fertility struggles.

Self Talk for when you're on a hard fertility journey, struggling with infertility, and long for motherhood. Here women will find natural fertility solutions including my new book, tools, and guided meditations to provide much needed comfort. The fertility journey is so hard as it is, why not make it a little easier with loving and positive self talk?


Kind and positive

self talk for children

Children learn so quickly and are so keen to speak to themselves with self-warmth and love. They bloom when spoken to with kindness and encouragement— whether those kind words come from their caretakers, teachers, or themselves. There are so many benefits for children who learn positive self talk: they feel more calm, they are more at ease with themselves and their peers, they are more resilient, they can self-regulate more easily, their self-esteem shoots up. They can also develop a voice that is filled with courage and that coaches them to keep going, and to have a growth-oriented mindset. Maryse organizes positive self talk workshops for children and is a speaker at schools. She has also created teaching materials for teachers and counsellors.

How I became my own best friend with SElf Talk love

For many years, how I spoke to others was so much more kind, loving and patient than the way I spoke to myself. It would have been unimaginable that I would say the things out loud to others that I said to myself. My negative self talk was filled with accusations, inner messages telling me I was unworthy and that my only value was in what I could produce or do for others. I was constantly criticizing myself. I judged my looks, my body, and my decisions. I even blamed myself for things completely out of my control. Now, my inner speech is totally different. Here’s how I transformed my negative self talk to loving and positive self talk.



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