When your inner voice speaks, your whole body listens...

You hear everything you say. Your well-being, your self-esteem, your ability to live your right life, even your physical health are linked to how you speak to yourself. Change your inner words and and change how every cell in your body responds.

I’m here to show you how - every step of the way.

Open the door...

...to more love, kindness and healing

How I became my own best friend

For many years, how I spoke to others was so much loving and patient than the way I spoke to myself.

Self talk is the path to self love

Ready to take your first step?


upcoming events and workshops

Join Maryse and friends for small group sessions where you can develop your self-talk skills in person!


Freedom from Negative Self Talk: find your inner loving voice

Penticton, Saturday April 7

In this workshop, we will explore tools to start speaking to ourselves as a true best friend would: with patience, acceptance, compassion, kindness, and levity. .


Transform your Relationships Day Retreat


Port Moody, Saturday May 5

Look deep within to explore self-worth, self-love and how to work with our bodies to create peace and harmony in our life.