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An Inner Message Workshop for Women 45+

Self-Talk for an Era of Beauty, Personal Power and Wisdom

We are told in many ways in our society that getting older is bad news for women. In fact, it is a time when great beauty, personal power, wisdom, and healing is possible. There is part of our brain that only develops after the age of 45 years old, enabling us to finally become the person we are meant to be. During this workshop, we will get rid of old negative inner messages that no longer serve us for this new era of our lives. We will replace this negative self-talk with inner messages of empowerment that honour who we want to be, and connect us with our beauty and wisdom. We will become clear on the meaning that reaching this new age holds for us, and set our intentions to live our right lives. 

During this workshop we will

  • Declutter our self-talk from old inner messages that are negative, and no longer needed. 

  • Gain freedom from the inner critic, and develop an inner voice of self-warmth, self-support, and compassion.

  • Give meaning to this era of our lives. It is in our power to decide on the meaning. 

  • Set our intentions for how we want to live, and who we want to be. Intentions are a powerful way that we communicate with ourselves. 

  • Guided meditations to connect to our inner voice of wisdom, and personal power. 

  • Learn loving and positive self-talk skills.

  • Honour our beauty, wisdom and personal power.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are a woman 45 years or more.

  • You have had enough of the media and society dictating what it means for women to get older.

  • You have had enough of your inner critic being cruel, blaming, or pushing your towards achieving a perfection that just isn't human or possible. 

  • You are ready to transform your self-talk to one that is more loving, supportive, compassionate and joyful.

  • You are ready to turn towards yourself with self-warmth. 

Location: West Vancouver Retreat House, West Vancouver

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