My self-talk to go back to basics

I was feeling really off yesterday. My head hurt, I felt impatient, tired, and worried about all kind of things.

I have been quite busy lately: the book launch, outings, house guests, a retreat, the illness of two family members.

I didn’t take the time that I truly need to connect with myself with my self-talk and with the practices that make me feel centered, that make me feel like myself. I couldn’t hear my own deep wise voice anymore. The one that is fearful and worried had taken over again.

I missed myself. So this morning I went back to basics. I sat under a tree and meditated. I took a slow walk.

I spoke to myself this way:

You are safe.

Everything is ok.

You are loved.

I will take care of you and give you what you need to feel calm.

Go back to your basic practices like walking, meditation, dancing. They will bring you back to yourself.

Very soon you will feel rested and calm again.