Self-talk to become who you really want to be and do what you love

My friend Marie amazes me with her determination, her ability to make her dreams come true and her optimism. I just love her spark.

Marie just got a new position in the kitchen of a prestigious new Chinese restaurant. And get this, she had to apply five times before she was hired! (Twice in job fairs, once in their career centre and twice online)

She is making me think about what I want to create in my life. Not just what I want to accomplish like writing other books -- but also who I can become, how I can thrive.

In my self-talk, I tell myself about it. I tell myself what is possible for me. My self-talk helps me reach my ultimate goal: to become a better human being.

My self-talk:

  • I am very stable and solid inside despite what is happening around me.
  • It is easy for me to take life as it comes instead of trying to control everything around me.
  • I am authentic and simply tell the truth with as much kindness as I can.
  • I am a calm, peaceful person.
  • I am light and footloose like a hummingbird.
  • I let others be.
  • I forgive easily.
  • I am determined and resilient.
  • I contribute to bringing more light and love into this world.
  • I wake up filled with energy, joy and a delight to have another day to live my life.
  • I love myself unconditionally.
  • I love life. It is a gift.
  • I feel my feelings fully – all of them.
  • I know who I am.
  • I take good care of my body, mind and spirit.

Another inspirational story about Marie and her ability to make her dreams come true is featured in my book Speaking to Yourself with Love: Transform Your Self-Talk in the chapter about being your own lighthouse, or choosing words of guidance.