Self-talk to courageously bloom into the person you can be

This time of year is such a delight. The days get longer and there is more light. The flowers are blooming. It feels like a new beginning, like new things are possible in life.

I can use my self-talk to help myself transform, to move towards this light, to bloom.

Here’s a story about my friend Martine who used her self-talk to have the courage to bloom. In her case, blooming meant having the guts to hit the open road on a Harley. It’s an excerpt from my book Speaking to Yourself with Love: Transform Your Self-Talk. (This new book of mine comes out on May 19!)

Martine’s story:
Martine Rollin is one courageous woman. Even when the world has seemed very scary, she has put on her big girl pants. After all kinds of major life challenges, she has gone onward and upward.
For many years, Martine kept an entire Harley Davidson wardrobe in her closet: boots, gloves, helmet, and leather jacket—even special sunglasses. They were the remnants of a long-gone relationship with a man who had a motorcycle. The two had taken long trips together, her riding behind him on the same motorcycle.
One day, she visited us from across the country, lugging all her gear as she was continuing on later to go on a bike trip with a friend. I was so surprised to see her collection. “I have always kept it,” she said. “I love being on motorcycles so much. It makes me so happy. I hope the day comes that I meet someone with a motorcycle again.”
“Why not get your own bike?” my husband piped up.
“Suddenly, it was like a light bulb went on in my head!” says Martine. “Why not, indeed!”
Still, there was a lot of fear to overcome. Fear of doing something new. Fear of the financial impact of owning a motorcycle. Fear of hitting the open road alone.
“I said to myself: be brave. This was so important to me. It was like bright sunshine that called my name,” says Martine.
I am happy to report that if you see a beautiful, tiny, blonde woman riding an enormous Harley Davidson at full speed while smiling from ear to ear—you may be looking at Martine. Her next courageous challenge? She wants to fly Cessna planes.