She said to me, "I hate myself." I thought, "ouch..."

We say "I hate myself "without thinking much about it, but part of you takes it very seriously. That part of you wilts under the power of those mean words.

I was at the post office today mailing copies of my book Speaking to Yourself with Love to a bookstore.

The woman working at the counter got all excited when she saw them. “I would like to read it, but I don’t read anymore.”

She talked about how much she loves reading, and all the lovely books she has including a collection of spiritual books her mother left her. But...  she no longer takes the time to read.

“I’m always on my tablet now.”

And then she finished with “I hate myself.”

Ouch, I thought. How painful for that part of her that just heard that.

Research shows that every cell in your body hears all that you say.

Your body actually listens to what you are saying inside.

Your cells hear all your self-talk through sound waves and sensory transmissions.

They react according to what they hear.

Dr Judith Orloff writes that when we criticize ourselves, it is like an inner war goes on inside us. We turn against ourselves. It is like an attack on our system.

Now think about how your cells rejoice when they hear words of love, acceptance and compassion.

So just keep putting love into your inner words as much as you can. Step by step, day by day.

We are all just doing our best.

There is no one to hate. There is just one person to love.

All my best,