Tell yourself that you are lucky and you likely will be

You never know when a gift will fall from the sky, or what unexpected help will come your way. If you tell yourself that it is possible – you increase the chances that it will indeed be possible. If you tell yourself that you are lucky, you increase the likelihood that you are a lucky person.

This morning I was a witness to an amazing stroke of good fortune at a pot luck. A woman brought food in a colourful Bavarian bowl that another woman in attendance had lost five years ago. When the woman saw her long lost bowl she started crying. It was an antique she had inherited from her beloved grandmother. Its disappearance had plagued her for years.

After being lost, the bowl had made its way to the Salvation Army where it was purchased by a third party, then given as a gift to the woman who brought it to the pot luck.

Studies show that those who tell themselves they are lucky, have better luck than those whose interior dialogue tells them they are unlucky. They also show that those who say that things will work out positively, tend to experience more favourable outcomes. That’s how powerful your inner speech can be.

You just don’t know what blessings the day will bring. You don't know what solution will present itself. Use your self-talk to keep focused on where you want to go. Tell yourself you are lucky and that things work out for you.