I give myself permission to have a holiday from worry and incessant multitasking

We had a little vacation one weekend in a hotel in our own city, 24 hours to wander around unscheduled, and unhurried.

Before we left, I consciously told myself that I was leaving my to-do-list and worries at home. I was giving myself a little break. I wanted to fully focus on enjoying the city with my family.

And it really worked. While I was there I didn’t think of my list that never ends. I also didn’t check email once and left my phone alone. I really gave all my energy to this little break. I came back feeling very calm and centered. All it took was 24 hours.

I used to pride myself on my ability to multi-task. You should have seen us juggling away in our PR agency.  But it’s a bad habit with me now. And I think it actually harms me to dilute my focus like that. Studies show it actually is detrimental to my brain.  

I’m thinking also that I can leave my phone alone first thing in the morning. I want to give my whole focus to me, to my family, to breakfast and getting ready, and not spread myself thin with multi-tasking.  

Just do one thing after the other as needed. If I give myself a chance to start my day off calmly and filled with as much serenity as possible, then the rest of the day stands a better chance of being like that too.

My self-talk

Just focus on what you are doing now.

I do one thing at a time.

It’s ok to put down my load.

It’s ok to take a holiday from my worries and to-do-list.

It’s ok to just enjoy this moment.

I give myself permission to just be right now.

My worth is not attached to what I do. My worth is in who I am.