Self-talk to conjure the power of a bubble of love

When my father was in hospital dying, we lay side by side on his small bed, holding hands. The sun was setting outside the window, casting a rich deep gold colour in the room. Music played in the background, favourite French ballads of ours. There was so much love between us at that moment. We were both completely present to this magical bubble of love that we found ourselves in. 

Believe me, that hospital was a little shop of horrors and suffering in many ways. But that afternoon, we were blissfuly inside our bubble of love transcending our environment. My dad’s dying had opened both our hearts. 

Here’s another bubble of love I was to fortunate to experience.

I met a friend at the beach one afternoon to meditate. We had both just returned from attending a Dr Joe Dispenza workshop so our minds were quiet, and our hearts wide open. As we approached each other locking eyes, a powerful energy arose, and as we hugged, love exploded in, and around us. We were perfectly happy, and at peace, riding this bubble of love. Pure magic.

A bubble of love is a gift beyond measure. You recognize its energy the moment you find yourself in one. It’s like a veil is lifted, illusions disappear, and you feel the connective energy. You are whole, and you know the loved one is whole too. 

As amazing as this is, I don’t want to wait to be with a beloved in the right circumstances for a bubble of love to be created.

My practice right now with my self-talk, and with my meditation, is to create my own bubble of love, just me and the divine generous universe. I’ll remember a bubble of love that I experienced with a loved one, conjure up its energy and feeling, and then revel in it. From there I can move into the centre of myself where there’s a deep quietness and love.

I know that these bubbles of love lift me, heal me, and bring me a sparkling joy that I can then share with everyone around me. I take time in my life to feel this love. Because really, that’s the stuff of life, don’t you think? What have you got to do that’s more important than love?

My self-talk:

  • I take time to feel love in my life.

  • I do what it takes, and take the time it takes, to feel love.

  • I celebrate and notice each time I do feel love.

  • I am so so grateful for all the bubbles of love I have experienced.

  • I love you so deeply and completely just as you are.

  • I am whole.

  • I am loved.

  • You don’t have to be perfect for me to love you.

Thanks for reading. 

With all my wishes that you feel love today,