What brings you joy? Focus on it with your self-talk

I asked my friend yesterday what first attracted her to her fiancee. She said that he asked her what brings her joy. No wonder she fell for him. 

Now I ask you too: what brings you joy?

Why do I ask? Because when you identify what brings you joy, and you start to focus on it in your self-talk, it puts positive thinking into your brain. 

Our brains are designed with an inclination towards negativity. We are built to take more notice of what’s negative. Our brains evolved that way to keep us out of danger. Your brain will react more strongly to negative self-talk. 

So it takes lots of small positive inner messages to tip the scales towards more happiness, more joy, more health. 

An easy way to get a positive inner message is to focus on what brings you joy. Telling yourself about what brings you joy, and fully focusing on it help tip the scales favourably. 

Right now, it’s easy for me to do that because everywhere I look I see what brings me joy: spring. Spring’s explosive revival of new life, light, and colour buoys me, elevates me. 

I use spring to tip my scales towards well being. Instead of walking quickly by and only giving it a little of my attention, I stand under the cherry blossoms, or in front of the gardens filled with colourful tulips. I let myself feel amazed. I let myself feel grateful for this abundance, for this vibrancy. 

I tell myself about it:

  • These are so beautiful. I love looking at them. 

  • I am taking the time to do something I enjoy. 

  • How lovely to just stand here. 

  • How lucky I am that it is spring and my neighbourhood is filled with flowers. 

  • Look at those trees with all their blossoms. I love them so much!

Part of your brain hears everything the other part says. Sadly, it often hears about all kinds of pain, disappointments, fears. 

When something pleases you, absorb it. Let the part of your brain that listens get a big old dose of it. 

It really does count. It counts for your health. It counts for your well-being. It counts for your optimism. It counts for your calmness. 

What brings you joy that you can spend time today focusing on?