Is your self-talk bringing you up or setting you on course for a crash?

There’s a device on airplanes that enables pilots to tell if the nose of the plane facing up, or facing down. The pilot can then use that info to regulate the plane, and avoid crashing.

It’s the same with us. Are we facing up, or are we facing down? Is our self-talk bringing our energy, our vitality, our hope, and our love up, or is it draining us and putting us on course for a crash?  

Use positive and loving self-talk to elevate yourself. Tell yourself beautiful, loving, and funny stories.  Tell yourself about the people you love, the ones who bring you joy. Remind yourself of all the times that you found solutions to your problems, or that it just worked itself out anyway. 

There’s so much that happens in a life, so much that is out of our control. Self-talk is not one of those things.

Self-talk that directs you upwards:

  • I love you. 

  • You are doing your best. 

  • You have good intentions. 

  • You are a good person. 

  • I forgive you. 

  • You don’t have to be perfect. That’s not possible in this life. Just be you. That is enough. You are enough. 

  • How about we take a break from our worries? 

  • Dance my love! 

And if you love to dance like I do, remind yourself to it. In fact, encourage yourself to do it. Combining dance with positive and loving self-talk will bounce you up. 

Enjoy this video of these dancers in Rwanda — elevating their joy and energy. If they can dance like that after what’s happened in their country, we can too.