Saying a big inner Yes Please to our one precious life

I’ve been feeling anxious for the past several weeks, and I have throbbing shoulder blades caused by the tension in my body. When I experience it , I can hear a big inner “Nooooo”! 

The title of the memoir that comedian Amy Phoeler wrote keeps coming to my mind. It’s called “Yes Please”. That’s the total opposite of my big inner No. 

I wonder what it would be like to start saying “Yes Please” inside more often — even if I initially don’t like something , or if it makes me uncomfortable. 

What does it mean to make friends with what’s happening right now in my body, mind and spirit — whatever it is at the moment? 

When I say “Yes Please”, I feel more relaxed, like I’m not fighting with myself, or with my life, like I’m opening up to the present and to what goodness it holds now, and what will bloom later. 

My self-talk:

  • Yes Please — even if I am uncomfortable, or in pain

  • Yes Please — I am here paying attention to myself 

  • Yes Please — for deep healing ,not just covering up the symptoms

  • Yes Please — for love, for loving all of me in all my states

  • Yes Please — to my one precious life