Do you tell yourself that everything is wrong? I certainly have!

Do you sometimes tell yourself that EVERYTHING is going wrong? I certainly have!

When I asked my good friend how she was, she said that EVERYTHING was going wrong. After she told me about several things that did seem to suck, I asked: how’s your health?  She said great. And your friendships? Great again. And your home? That was great too.

So, I said, it doesn’t seem like EVERYTHING is wrong – just a few things. She seemed to light up right away. Even in the midst of very hard times, there can be some things that are right.

We need to be mindful about how we describe our lives. Telling yourself that everything is wrong can be very discouraging. Remember that part of you listens to everything that the other part says.

Imagine if a good friend said to you that everything in your life was terrible. Imagine how it would make you feel. You have the same impact on yourself.

To exaggerate how bad things are does not help us in any way.

To focus on what is going well can give you a boost, a new energy, and can help put perspective on how things are really going.

So answer this:

What aspects of your life are going well? Tell yourself all about it in full detail. Tell yourself how grateful you are for these blessings.