Use your self-talk to face towards who you want to be

I ask myself all the time if I am facing the right way, heading in the direction of what I want to create, and who I want to become.

When I lived in a skyscraper downtown, there was a large building behind mine. I could see into dozens of apartments in that building. While my view was south, they faced north. Their apartments were gloomy and dim, while mine bathed in sunlight. As I enjoyed incredible brightness, they lived in the dark. They lived so close to the sunlight but just couldn’t see it. They weren’t facing the right way.

Tony Robbins says that you can try very hard to see a sunset – give it all you’ve got – but if you are facing east, that’s never going to happen.

So life isn’t just about putting in the old elbow grease, it’s also about facing in the correct direction.

My meditation teacher Hoben says that all is created little by little, step by step. Just keep going in the right direction, and do your best.

My self-talk:

Keep going, step by step.

Keep trying.

Keep putting love in everyday.

Keep up your practices that do you good.

Keep doing this work that you love.

What you are doing now, is it helping you get where you want to go?

What you are saying now, is it helping you get where you want to go?

What do I want to create? Am I heading in the direction that will take me there?