Self-talk for self-respect: the break up part 2

As I recounted in my most recent blog, many years ago my boyfriend moved out of the country quite unexpectedly leaving me crestfallen. He left so quickly that he didn’t have time to clean out his apartment. In a show of love for him, and a total disrespect for my own feelings and self-love, I agreed to be the one to do it.
Standing in his empty apartment with a mop in hand made the whole experience even more painful.

I would show more respect for myself today, and honour my feelings. I would use my self-talk to support myself and to provide myself with the dignity and care I needed to get through that difficult time.

What is self-respect exactly? It is behaving in a way that honours yourself and your feelings.

My self-talk:
• I respect you.
• You need a lot of care right now. You are not going to put yourself through that.
• It’s ok to say no. In fact, it is important that you say no.
• We will take the time and space to honour what has happened and how much he means to you.