Self-talk to let your light shine

My friend rescued a little sausage dog that came from a puppy mill that also doubled as a meth lab. The combination just horrified me with its depravity and darkness.

I thought that it was time for me to stop pussy footing around, to stand more solidity for what I believe, and to deepen my practice so that I can in turn bring more light to this world. It needs it in a big way. How long do I think life is that I can spend so much time second guessing myself?

I can tell you that life is really short. I lost two people that I love very much within just a few months of each other. There’s no time to waste to lead your right life and be 100% exactly who you are in all its goodness and messy glory.

I am not saying fight. We have enough fight in this world. You don’t have to fight darkness, just turn on your inner light. Your self-talk can help you with that.

My self-talk:
• I stand solidly for what is true, good, and beautiful
• I trust in you. I have faith in you.
• It is your birthright to be yourself and shine.
• Be diligent in all your practices that keep you centered, grounded and feeling solid like positive and loving self-talk, meditation, writing, dance and swimming.
• Be you. As they say, everyone else is taken.