Tell yourself what you are grateful for -- you'll love hearing it

Research has shown that keeping a gratitude journal increases your happiness by ten percent—that is the same percentage as if your income was doubled. Tell yourself what you have to be grateful for. It can be little things, like “I have a warm sweater on,” or “I ate a good breakfast.” Let your self-talk be about what you want to offer thanks for. A simple list of three to five items will do—or lots more, if you are inspired. Let yourself feel it. Tell yourself about it. Feel it as deeply as you can. Celebrate the blessings in your life. Today I am saying thank you for my daughter's health and life-joy, the sunshine, and a photo of my dad and me.. 

Here are some ideas for a gratitude list:

·         The people I love

·         My most cherished blessings

·         The places where I feel happy

·         The abundance in my life

·         The foods I enjoy

·         The times I laugh

·         All the parts of my body that are healthy and strong

·         What I love in my home

·         The visionaries, leaders, and kind people I am grateful to be sharing the planet with (even if I don’t know them personally)