Your self-talk can help you let go of summer joyously and move into fall

September always feels to me like the beginning of the year, much more so than January. Perhaps it’s being a university teacher for so many years or having a child in elementary school, but the season of work and learning starts during the fall for me. 

I found myself resisting the end of summer, the end of that ease, of the rest, of the play, of the warmth, of the extra time together. Last week I didn’t want to see fall come at all. I was clinging, fist clenched, holding on tight, like I can block the passage of time. I felt it in my body: anxious in my stomach, shoulders stiff, hips out of joint. My self-talk was all about no, no, no, not yet. 

My intention is to let it be. To block the flow of time passing is to block the flow of my life. What if I approach September with curiosity? What if I use that stored energy and rest to do some good work that means something to me, and is of service to others? What if I tell myself that it's more than ok, that in fact it is good. 

I’m loving these last few slow days, but I am also embracing this new time. Happy fall! 

My self-talk:

  • It’s ok to let it be, to move on.

  • I go with joy towards my future. I am safe.

  • I wonder what joys this season will bring?

  • I am energized and excited to see what I will create and what I will do.

  • How will I be of service to others?