Loving Kindness Meditation and Self-Talk

Meditation is not only about clearing your mind of all thoughts — or trying to do so anyway. You choose the words that you say to yourself, and you repeat them. This gives your brain something to do so that it doesn’t run rampant. One of my favourites is Loving Kindness Meditation.

I love it so much because it fosters feelings of goodwill and kindness towards myself and others. Plus it has loads of benefits like lowering stress, and decreasing negative emotions.

Sometimes when I am feeling strong emotions, and my inner words are very negative, I’ll sit quietly and practice Loving Kindness until my brain settles.It works really well too in the middle of the night when I can’t sleep.

Here is how you do it.

Say to yourself:

  • May I be happy

  • May I be healthy

  • May I be peaceful

  • May I live with ease

Then think of someone and say:

  • May she/he be happy

  • May she be healthy

  • May she be peaceful

  • May she live with ease

You can use it for people you like, people you don’t like, people who have pissed you off, people you see on the bus and don’t know. Everyone — including yourself — will benefit from your kind inner words, and intentions. Love will radiate in and out of you.