How a badass Maasai woman changed my self-talk

My friend Ruth travelled to Africa recently and brought back for me a colourful beaded necklace made by a Maasai woman. It’s stunning and you can wrap it around your neck like a scarf it’s so long.

Ruth said she knew the necklace was mine as soon as the Maasai woman started speaking to her. She told Ruth the necklaces she makes and sells are a solid financial contribution to her tribe. Others, especially the men, may talk a big game about what they do and how important they are, but she — quietly and solidly — knows the value of who she is and what she does. She doesn’t need anyone to tell her, or acknowledge it.

Sometimes, I find myself waiting for acknowledgement. Or a pat on the back. Or for someone to notice what I’m doing — or who I am.

An outside validation — while nice — is never gonna change how I feel inside. That’s entirely up to me.

Ruth is always saying that I’ve inspired her to change her self-talk, but now, she — and that badass Maasai woman — have inspired me.

I’m not waiting for someone to give me flowers. I’m planting my own garden. I can use my positive and loving self-talk to remind myself of who I am, and how precious my life is.

My self-talk:

  • I know who I am.

  • I know who I am.

  • I know who I am.

  • I know what I contribute.

  • I know what I know.

  • I know my value to myself, to my family, to my friends, to my community.

Thanks for reading.

Be well,


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