Negative self-talk keeps you stuck in your bulb away from blooming into who you really are

Now is about the time that we plant our flower bulbs for bloom in the spring. A cacophony of colours and delights — daffodils, crocus, buttercups, tulips, hyacinths — await patiently, each in its bulb, for the right conditions and the right time to bloom. In each bulb is the full potential for the flower. We are all a little like that. In each of us, there is the bulb for the full potential of who we can be. 

There is a kind of energy too that is inside us — and all around us — that is moving us forward towards the realization of that potential. Science calls that inherent force entelechy — “that which realizes or makes actual what is otherwise merely potential.”

For each of us that potential is unique, just as unique as that flower is in the bulb. This energy wants us to grow and to bloom into the full magnificence of our own unique flower. This force invites you over and over again to follow its calling to bloom. It never gives up on you — even when you have given up on yourself. All that happens in life — even if it challenging or sad — is a gift from this force.

But we don’t have to bloom. That’s our own choice. We can stifle our own life force for sure. We can restrain the destiny of who we can be.

One of the ways we do that is with our negative and life-denying self-talk. We tell ourselves stories of why we just can’t do it, or don’t want to do it, or that we’re too busy, or to old, or too weak, or too addicted to distractions that take our attention away from blooming. Sometimes we tell ourselves it’s too scary or dangerous to be ourselves, that it is safer to remain hidden in our bulb. 

I certainly thought it was too scary before, and sometimes I am still afraid. I didn’t have many experiences where it was safe to tell my whole truth and show my whole self. So I dimmed myself, and didn’t tell and live my truth. 

But the price is too high to live that way. It’s too high to stay in the bulb. Putting up opposition to where my own inherent force wants to take me is exhausting, and makes me feel alienated from my true self. And without my true self, I am nothing, I have nothing. 

Maybe you are already living in accordance to your life force, and are blooming beautifully. Maybe you’ve caught some glimpses of what kind of flower you could be. Maybe this is all new and you are curious: just what kind of flower will I be in full actualization? 

I’m really curious. Who can I be? How will I bloom? How will I live? 

It may look like nothing is going on with your bulb for a long time. Just like it is in nature when the bulb is dormant under the cold ground. But with the right conditions, with each kind, supportive, forgiving and loving word I tell myself, I’ve got bloom within my sight. 

My self-talk:

  • I want to be me.

  • I want to go with the natural flow of my own life.

  • I love myself now, and what I have the potential to be.

  • I choose what I say to myself about my own life.

  • I am free to be me.

  • I am free to bloom.

  • I trust that my inner life force knows what’s in my highest and greatest good and LOVES me fully, deeply, unconditionally.

Thanks for reading!

With love and joyous energy,


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