Remember yourself this holiday season as you are so precious too

As the holiday season gets underway, and you think of all the people that you love on your list, don’t forget a very precious one: you, my sweet.

I just enjoyed the visit of my good, good friend for a few days. Yesterday, we made vision boards by the Christmas tree in front of the fire. What most came up in mine were pictures of silliness, of joy, of colour, of fun. There’s a French bulldog puppy with a pink bow, aquamarine easter eggs, wild flowers, and a manatee.

What I want for Christmas is to laugh more, to be lighter, to enjoy this precious life that I have — and to stop taking it all so heavily — even when it seems so serious.

What is it that you think you most would like this holiday season? What is it that you most need?

I invite you to take a few moments to listen to your inner voice, your most deep and quiet one. What makes it sing this Christmas season? What feels true and right?

Is it joy? Is it quiet? Is it stillness? Is it healing? Is it newness or adventure? Is it nature? Or something else entirely?

And then do what’s in your power to make your Christmas wish come true.

Wishing love and joy to you and yours this season,