A self-talk message of empowerment

As I walked in the forest behind my house, I suddenly heard a big rustling sound coming from a tree behind me. A huge bald eagle came majestically flowing out of it. It was barely a few feet above my head. The eagle flew in a tight circle around me, a full 360 degrees, while looking at me in the eyes. Then it flew away.

I stood there immobile for a long time, heart beating fast, transfixed. I had felt the eagle’s enormous power. 

This was an extraordinary encounter. I knew the eagle had appeared for a reason, that it had a message for me. 

Eagles are able to soar and see the big picture. Eagles are signs of having vision, of seeing what others don’t.

I took the time to be quiet and to listen inside to what this message could be. What was the eagle telling me? What did I need to see, and understand?

What kept coming back to me was how powerful that eagle had felt, how strong. 

I thought of my own inner power and how often I had diminished it, how often I had dimmed it. I have often played smaller than I really am. I have also doubted just how strong I am, how I am able to cope with disappointments, how I am able to carry on when things get tough. 

When I sit quietly with myself, and I listen to my wise inner voice — the one which is underneath all the other voices chattering away — I can feel my own power, one that runs deep, one that is much bigger than just me. It is strong and very loving too. 

You have this power inside you. Take the time to feel it, to embody it. It is there for the taking. This power is there to support you on all your adventures this year. 

My self-talk:

  • I take the time to listen to my inner voice. 

  • I am powerful. 

  • I am strong enough to do this. 

  • I trust in my inner power. 

May 2019 be your year for self-empowerment!